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As much as i am in support for your march to show defiance against the dreadfull attacks that have struck London and the world, i believe it to be wrong.

A march against terrorists not only gives them the satisfaction to know that they have affected heavily the lives of the western world but also gives them the oppurtunity to carry out such harmfull events again, but this time to the people that they believe are affected the most. YOU THE PROTESTORS!!

If Kings Cross station provided a blanket for the terroists to deploy themselves around london freely, imagine what freedom a march of 2500 could give them, especially if they are home grown and are not under the knowledge of the police and other intelligence services.

International terrorism today is a fond user of the internet, and it wouldnt suprise me if the group that commited these atrocities come back to this website every day to gloat about what they have done. If this march goes ahead it will be well publicised especially by the British media, and because of that you are playing yourselves into the terrorists hand and PUTTING YOUR OWN LIVES AT RISK.

As much as i send my condolences out to all the families affected by terrorism across the world. I believe what your doing may cause more harm than good and therefore thier may be safer and more effective ways of spreading your views around.
UK Citizen, 16 years ago.

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