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Sympathy letter for Londoners from Odessa youth

Dear Londoners and English people in general! We appeal to every person in the world whose relatives, friends and loved ones suffered in this tragedy!

The horrible event, which happened on 7th July, 2005, couldn’t leave anybody indifferent. The violence of terrorist acts shocked the whole world and Ukraine wasn’t left out. Odessa is the city that has always been connected with Europe historically, so its inhabitants can’t stay silent about the horrifyingly increasing number of terrorists. This time Londoners became victims of heartless people who think they can achieve peace by attacking those who can’t defend themselves. But that isn’t the way of fighting for better life conditions and peace! Killing people can’t create justice! And surely, it all doesn’t fit the spiritual values of any religion!
Of course, the people of Odessa realize deeply there’s government to solve all the social problems, but what the city’s population can do is express our feelings and thoughts referring to another crime against the whole world. We are part of the world so we join all the others in their grief and pain for those who were killed. Hundreds lives are ruined, and we mourn over those who are lost forever on their way. Of course, we can’t give away our blood to save anybody but we can at least voice our opinions on what happened! We are totally for peace and totally against any kind of violence! The world deserves to be peaceful and safe and the acknowledgement of this fact if the first and most important step in the struggle for justice!

So please accept this modest but honest letter from two girls from Odessa who are concerned strongly with what happens in the world nowadays! We promise to devote our lives to helping those who suffer, no matter which profession we choose!

Marina Chiyanova, 16
Anna Rovenskih, 15
Marina and Ann from Ukraine, 16&15, 16 years ago.

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