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"The restrictions on the right to protest in Parliament Square won't be enforced until 1st August "

How do you know ? There is no statement from the Metroplitan Police or the Home Office to that effect, they seem a bit busy with other things at the moment.

The need to get prior written permission came into force on 1st July.

The extra arbitrary conditions which can be imposed and restrictions on loudspeakers come into force on 1st August.

I am sure that Public Order Act 1986 still applies to marches and processions in the street, but the 2005 legislation covers "any public place" within the Designated Area.

Now that this pledge is "successful", what happens now ? Do people just keep overfulfilling the target ?

When and where is this "public demonstration" going to happen, and who actually is organising it ?
Peaceful Protestor, 16 years ago.

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