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I don't care for the intel exception. If intel manages to put out a card which is comparable to a new mid-range nvidia or ati card I think they should get just as good a deal as the big boys.

I say this because intel is already playing nice, and are likely to do so in the future. If we give them a reason to jump into the fray I think they deserve the break.

I would suggest rewording to something along the lines of a full OpenGL pipeline (current intel chips use a lot of emulation of the graphics pipeline in software)

I think the nvidia/ati open driver cold war can go on forever, we need some small party contenders to come in and shake up the balance of power.

I say offer this pledge to all comers who produce a modern midrange full hardware OpenGL pipeline add on card with free (GPL or BSD) drivers.
Dan Warren, 12 years ago.

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