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"but only if 15 others people will make the same commitment."....

Firstly, I would not care less or more if I have anyone committed to what I am doing or want to do. What I do is for my benefit and what someone else does is going to benefit them. I agree, upto some extent it may be a source to get more dedicated to the cause when you know there are others also committed to it.

Second, what I believe for Sikhs who are spiritualy conscious Sadhna/meditation/simran should be a part of life (daily) not just (40) a few days. It should be like if you are health conscious you take care of your body everyday, that means you just do not exersice for 1/2 or 1 hour a day, but you incorporate exersice into your life style... i.e. take a few flight of stairs instead of taking the elevators; walk down to the corner store instead of getting into your car etc.... It is good to start with a commitment of 40 days but try to keep going beyond it.....
Sifar, 14 years ago.

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