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Dan Allen, I said that

‘No-one takes the Greek myths and legends literally, but a few people used to’

And as I also said, they were the Ancient Greeks. There is no need to refer you to any materials, go online, to a library or bookshop and look for Ancient Greek Religions and you bound to find something (well if the last two are any good you will), there is also a revival in these beliefs. However, you might have to go online to read about those (, as a start before you ask) and even they might have to admit that there is not a palace of the Gods at the top of Mount Olympus.

From you post it sounds like I disagree with you, however I don’t. I am in full agreement (however I do view it as stupidity as well). I thought I made that clear but I must have been wrong. Sorry.
James Burgon, 12 years ago.

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