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This is an argument that will not be solved here, or perhaps anywhere at any time.

As long as faith remains a position reached not by logic but by instruction, our logical arguments will continue to be hackneyed and passed back to us.

The fossil record is not the only evidence to support the theory of evolution, but that is not the point.

If you choose faith, you choose to make assumptions NOT based on evidence. Religious people ought to at least have the courage of their convictions and not try to spin science to support their illogical beliefs.

All scientific evidence can be 'spun' to support religion, but the more important point is that these twisted fragments do not join up to give a cohesive picture. If you follow 'god supporting' evidence to it's conclusion, you can always find the inconsistency in there somewhere.

This isn't really the forum for this discussion. Peter is not here to debate, just to 'troll', so I suggest we stop feeding! (Though I know I have just done so...)
Alice Davey, 12 years ago.

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