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Okay we have, evolution does not/does mean transition from one species to another. Let's ask some evolution scientists their view.

""Whatever ideas authorities may have on the subject, the lungfishes, like every other major group of fishes that I know, have their origins firmly based in nothing." (Quoted in W. R. Bird, _The Origin of Species Revisited_ [Nashville: Regency, 1991; originally published by Philosophical Library, 1987], 1:62-63)"

"firmly based in nothing." Sounds interesting!

"The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than the Cambrian explosion, the coincident appearance of almost all complex organic designs..." (Gould, Stephen J., The Panda's Thumb, 1980, p. 238-239)."

"The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy."

I have many dozens more quotes of evolution scientists before me. All say the same, 'The evidence isn't there.'

And I'm the 'fool?' Better the fool than to be the 'fooled.'
Pete Hodge, 12 years ago.

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