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Dear "Wayne B. Marek" (assuming that that is your name; if it is...then this is the very first time you have posted it in public...congratulations! ;-)

Dana Wefer has been running for office and has been involved in Morris County politics for years.

If you are sincere (i.e for real) then all you have to do is check out her website, where you'll find all manner of info on her political/policy positions and even some well made video.

Spend some time reading it thoroughly...and if, at that point you wish to support our effort to encourage her to run for this office; feel free to do so. If not, then that's ok too. Thank God we still live in a free country, eh?

If you actually do have specific questions on specific issues/matters related to Dana's political/policy positions...feel free to ask her directly about them, don't be shy. Obviously you have access to the web...send her an email respectfully asking whatever specific policy questions you may have.

In any event "Wayne"...I truly wish you well in your life's journey!
Nick Lento, 13 years ago.

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