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At the moment, I am mailing this sort of corerspondence to any network that might be interested. Does it interest the sort of people in your columities or networks

My father authored the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy 1976-1984, the first two parts being published in The Economist, and the third being a future history I co-authored on the revolutionary challenges of death of distance -both biggest media and transport revolutions to hit one generation (1984-2024) of people worldwide

We are now particularly interested in mapping transparent networks of social entrepreneurs or synonyms for those who invest in sustaining innovations needed at every locality worldwide. We are also concerned to connect with those who believe that one of the economic roles of system angels is to audit minimal conflicts between all who serve and demand around innovations that multiply the most value for peoples

Are these areas that sub-networks of your overall community are focusing on. If so, what would be the first way to openly exchange understanding?


chris macrae,
301 881 1655

"We seriously believe that free trade, free intercourse, will do more than any other visible agent to extend civilisation and morality throughout the world”


“The excitement of the economist is to read statistics to find what new truths and facts they develop whilst always valuing honest plod and fair industry. The responsibility of economics is to protect peoples and futures from folly, the avarice, the insufferable arrogance, the headlong, desperate, and unprincipled gambling”

James Wilson, 1840s Founder of The Economist
Chris Macrae, 14 years ago.

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