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I have been asked to post some additional information re- the protest against the one sided extradition treaty which takes place tomorrow Thursday 29th June at 5pm.

It will leave from the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall and march on to St James' Park and then march onto the Home Office in Marsham St. London where letters can be passed to the Home Secretary.

Liberty is backing this protest.

Apparently everyone is expected to dress in business dress but as in the year 2006, everyone's idea of business dress varies considerably, this is a sweeping statement.


Once the demonstration crosses
Saint James's Park it enters the Designated Area around Parliament
Square and section 132 of the Serious Organised crime and Police
Act 2005 comes into play.

Remember that the shortest route from St Jams's Park to Marsham
Street actually passes right outside New Scotland Yard Met Police
Any breach of even the newly imposed Conditions is also a criminal

This is no longer as free a country as it was only a few years

The march / demo,protesting against the one sided extradition treaty, apparently having been automatically granted permission, is
also automatically subjected to arbitrary Conditions.
These conditions can be added to or changed at a moment's notice by the
senior police officer on the spot, who will definately be watching.

There have been dozens of people arrested and convicted for holding
peaceful , mostly anti=iIraq war demonstrations without prior
written authorisation.
It is not that the Metropolitan Police are unsympathetic, they literally have no leeway to interpret this
badly written legislation in any other way than the
government has decreed.

One lady has even been convicted for holding a placard which said
"I am not a Serious Organised Criminal". The dignified and entirely
pacifist two person peace protest ceremony involving the reading
out the names of the British soldiers kkilled in Iraq, by the
Cenotaph in Whitehall last October resulted in 40 police officers
arresting 2 people.

Permission has apparently been applied for properly, and
if it has been made clear that the demonstration is disntinguishable from
any others that might be going on at the same time (a hugely
difficult problem for the Police to manage in practice).
With no banners or plackards allowed, (which we have just been told is the case) then anyone else who turns up with banners or placards may be deemed not to be part of the demonstration and may very well
be arrested.

Even the "dressed in business dress, anti extradition demo" could have arrbitrary Conditions
slapped on it at a moments notice.

e.g. most of the demonstrators
could be held back from approaching the Home Office building itself
(not neccessarilly for security reasons, but possibly to hide the number of supporters
from the waiting media pack) and only a couple of people let
inside to deliver the letter.

Even if you turn up as a one person demonstration, that is also
covered by this draconian law.


Gary (McKinnon) and his supporters and supporters of others facing extradition, have apparently just been informed by one of the events organisers, that all who participate in the demo protesting the one sided extradition treaty, should be dressed as per the Conditions; which apparently means being in "business" dress.

That does not preclude some interviews with the media who
will be covering the story, which is the whole point of the thing
anyway, since the hope is to influence the Home Secretary.

Anyone who does attend should be aware of the very real risk of
arrest, (once crossing the designated area) even if they are wearing a suit.
Once the demonstration crosses Saint James's Park it enters the
Designated Area around Parliament
Square and section 132 of the Serious Organised crime and Police
Act 2005 comes into play.

Anyone who has any concerns about the possibility of arrest is free not to cross or enter the designated area

It seems this is no longer a free country as it was only a few years
The Designated Area around Parliament Square is seen by many as an abuse of power,
and a curtailment of our right of free assembly and free speech
It attracts its own "freedom to protest" demonstrations, but the
court cases have not yet reached any consideration of the Human
Rights issues - Magistrates Coourts do not take Human Rights issues
into consideration, only the higher courts can and do.

However, the media coverage of a small demonstration can be almost
as much as for a large one, so it is in everyone's interests that this one
does not get cancelled, and that journalists and broadcasters do
cover it, and perhaps some of the issues will get some publicity
and put pressure on the NuLabour spin doctors, who will influence
the Home Secretary John Reid.

Kindest Regards
Lucille, 14 years ago.

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