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Just to let you know that there is a protest taking place
against the one sided extradition treaty of British subjects to America.

To anyone in London who can: Please come along and support this
demonstration which has been organised by the Telegraph.
If possible bring Free Gary Placards or wear Free Gary T Shirts.
Or bring placards in favour of all who are being extradited.

The March leaves on Thursday 28th June at 5pm from The Institute of
Directors in Pall Mall in London and marches on to St James' Park and then
to the Home Office in Marsham St London where letters can be passed to the
Home Secretary.

If you know of any other websites this can be posted on, I'd be grateful if
you could pass on the info. to anyone and everyone you can.

All support is very greatly appreciated.

Gary's mum
Janis, 14 years ago.

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