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I find it quite unbelievable that the US Goverment/Military etc have jumped on this so heavily. Have they forgotten their education, their morals, knowing right from wrong, human values. This man hacked into systems. If the US people were doing their job properly, he wouldn't have achieved this.Rather than waste millions on locking Gary up for ever, use him. learn from him. I am not even going to enter into the puppet of our PM with US president. I'll probably be shot in a car park one evening by secret intelligence! Have all our goverments totally lost the reality of life. Playing tough games with minor criminals like Gary just proves we have a bunch of bumbling school boys running departments in our countries. He's taught the US a lesson, caught them out - now they should shut up, lock him up in a luxury hotel for 2 years and Learn from him, and let him have a life again. Clearly he had no criminal intent to destroy or cause grave issue. he's a computer geek for goodness sake. I sincerely hope Gary doesn't pay with all his life for this. It would be a complete travesty.
Si Thomson, 14 years ago.

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