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Pray for John Reid.

Lord please give John Reid the help and support he will need to fight the forces of evil in our inner cities.The drug barons,the killers,the rapists,the paedophiles and the general filth that now rule some of this great country of ours have to be confronted with a powerful sword.That sword has been handed by Tony Blair to a man of strong character,a man with the strength to give our inner cities back to our people.You John Reid will not allow whinging and whining newspapers to hold you back.The people who are now held hostage in their own homes for fear of muggers rapists and drug related criminals will not forgive you if you hesitate.You have us all behind you in your mission.We will help you and the extra police to win this battle.When this battle has been won,for it must be won,we will be able to enjoy this great country of ours without fear for our elderly and our vulnerable children.However there is one thing you must always remember,we are all innocent until proven guilty and we look to you. our leaders, to protect us.You know everything about Gary McKinnons case,Compare him to our real criminals and we trust you to make the right decisions.
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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