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The US government are plainly and simply exploiting a situation to cover up for their gross negligence in security. The moronic government body which was responsible for organizing the I.T. have avoided being held accountable for their inability to protect important data from unclassified people.

Gary is a hero for the freedom of the Hacker ethos which was started in the "free" minds of the American telephone exchange days and the CIA and Military computer personnel should have the courage to admit THE POLICY THEY FOLLOWED WAS RETARDED AND SHORT SIGHTED.

If the British government allow this currently one-sided treaty to be implimented then it will be to the shame of history of the British Empire, and it will show that the American Empire is no more progressive than any other in history. Invade, Bully and Scilence all who oppose you.

Fck Blair, Fck Bush, Fck the governments which surrounds them, and Fck the English Speaking media for allowing them to get away with such a disgusting breach of human rights.

I am truly ashamed to call myself an Englishman...
Thomas Alexander, 14 years ago.

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