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Re British citizen (My Son) Gary McKinnon is facing seventy years in a US prison for unauthorised computer access.
In last weeks appeal hearing, we discovered that Ed Gibson (Ex FBI) had "secretly" told my son's legal team of New Jersey's determination to "see Gary Fry" (Electric Chair)

It is now five years since Gary was arrested in 2002 but we heard nothing more until 2005, when Gary was re-arrested.
Gary has always denied causing any damage but the US government have to claim damage in order to extradite him.
They waited until Blunket had secretly signed an extradition "treaty" with the US.
We are quite literally the only country in the world who will extradite their own citizens to the US without any prima facie evidence and on the strength of merely an allegation.

Free Gary McKinnon - or at least try him in the UK Free Gary McKinnon support blog. - 2k -

Here are some Links: McKinnon will turn to Home Secretary should his appeal fail

'Pentagon hacker' plays joker on US authorities Register
all 2 news articles » Demo from Free Gary Supporters on behalf of my son Gary. There are lots of Free Gary comments at the end of the video.

Free Gary McKinnon - or at least try him in the UK Free Gary McKinnon support blog. - 2k -

I wake up every morning gripped by terror at the thought of my only child being extradited to face a possible seventy years in a hardline US prison and the mention of execution is a very real and terrifying prospect.
I don't know what to do to stop my son from being extradited.
Anyone in the UK can be extradited to the US on the stregnth of an allegation alone and without any opportunity to defend the allegations in a UK court.
It has now been five years since Gary was first arrested, this in itself has been a five year sentence of continual stress and heartache for our family.

Free Gary!
Janis (Gary's mum)
Janis, 14 years ago.

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