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You sound as though you are a US military man Edmund.Have I got that right?
I think you ought to get a sense of perspective here rather than the usual overkill.
Gary "trespassed" in cyberspace; he walked in because the US military computer security is so unbelievably bad. This is the world's superpower we're talking about here.

So ten years after Mathew Bevan was accused of virtually the same crime, the military's security is as bad or worse than ever. Hmmm

Go and tell a terrorist that leaving doors open doesn't matter and that our laws are there to prevent them from walking straight in!!! Do you realise how ridiculous this sounds?
Wonder how Osama Bin Forgotten would view this?

The US government should be very glad that it was Gary who alerted them to how lax their security is.

Murderers and rapists are often sentenced to a few years. To even consider sending someone like Gary to prison for years is just ludicrous and way, way out of proportion.

Gary is being made a scapegoat because the US Military are embarrassed that anyone could just walk right in and look around.
Can you imagine how this will go down with the American public when they get wind of it!!!! OH OH! An election's coming up soon.

Get Gary to sign something saying he won't talk or write about it and let it go, or this may well backfire hugely on the US government.

There is no victim. The intelligence forces have to spend vast amounts of money all the time to secure their systems.
No good spending fortunes on tracking people down; much better to spend money securing your systems first before the horse has bolted.

To wait until ten years after Mathew Bevan was accused of the same crime and the military systems still aren't secure just isn't sensible. Are any military I.T. personell being prosecuted?
Has America signed the new extradition "treaty" yet? No?
Thought not....and they never will.
So how then can this be called a treaty?

Oh yeah, the US can take UK citizens on a whim but we can't take a US citizen without Prima Facie evidence!

Does that sound fair to you Edmund?
Come on, sign the treaty America! Oops! forgot, that won't go down well with the Irish American lobby and it's against the US constitution.
Sign the treaty or leave UK citizens alone.
Free Gary!

Liberty, egalite, fraternity.

Jay, 14 years ago.

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