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Can everybody making comments on this pledge please stop and think of Garys
situation.Gary not only deleted files,
it also took 8 security departments from the U.S.criminal investigations unit to the N.A.S.A. office of national security 17 months to track his path.Do you know how much these guys are paid per hour?There were no honeypots,Gary,for you to be caught. If you wanted to play the war games nerd you should have reported the security problems to the security services on day one.Gary at a time of national security problems you diverted
the resources of the allied intelligence services to investigate,quote,"your little game".
Even the British taxpayers were hit with a Security bill.Hacking is a crime.
The law is there to protect us all incase sites are unprotected and hackers enter.If everyone used passwords all the time there would be no need for the law...So stop blaming the man who left his back door open.
Now Gary you are guilty as charged and I sentence you to 60 years in prison..
However, the Great British public have pledged £1 million pounds in compensation to the CHILDREN OF IRAQ
and you have agreed to work for a childrens charity in the third world for three years.Teaching them computer skills.(NO HACKING)
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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