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I really think that this should not be a Us vs. UK issue. As an American citizen myself, I sincerely am opposed to the one way extradition practice. I am also VERY interested to know if there was any proof found that the US has covered up any UFO information. PLEASE post images if you have them. The thing is that if the government of the US is hiding UFO information and being less than truthful with the people who are burdened with paying the bill, then that could lead to criminal action for members of the US government. I really think that the US government has greater problems than a 40 year old hacker looking for flying saucers. Were overrun with illegal immigrants stealing our identities over here. Our health system is failing economically, we have a very expensive war on our hands. Shouldn't we spend our tax dollars on fixing those things as well as the security on our government networks rather than wasting money prosecuting and jailing some poor guy who is poking around looking for ET?
Tom, 14 years ago.

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