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Wait a minute, what is happening here?
If they are seriously upset at Gary, what about, Ive read his interviews, what he has put out to the press. If they are mad at him at that, doesn't that mean what he is saying is serious, and someone in nasa, and the navy are taking what he is saying seriously?
if there are things they think he saw, that he isn't talking about, don't you think that not giving him freedom, will make him mull over what he saw, to be an eventual informational time bomb?
something not right is happening here.

anyway, while incarcerating this guy, for the rest of his youth, he should also be giving the us medal of honour, for uncovering defects in the US gov't's computer network.
charles kafka
Space Navy? (why is the gov't taking this seriously... somethings not right here.)
charles kafka, 14 years ago.

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