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On Tuesday 11th July, Alan Simpson MP for Nottingham South and Jeremy Corbyn MP for Islington North in London, delivered a letter of protest from a group of Italian Parliamentarians, to the Home Office, on behalf of Gary McKinnon.

Their covering letter was signed by 15 Labour MPs:-

Rt Hon John Reid MP
Home Office Minister
2 Marsham Street

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dear John,

Much attention has been given to the case for having tougher and clearer guidelines governing the extradition of UK citizens for trial in the US. So far, this attention has focussed on the three bankers involved in the Enron fraud. We want to raise a different case with you, namely the proposed extradition of Gary McKinnon.

Mr McKinnon is accused of attacking the US military and faces a possible sentence of over 60 years in prison. He could (and should) though, be tried in the UK under the UK Computer Misuse Act 1990. Since he was arrested under this Act in 2002, and released without charge, we fail to understand the basis on which he is offered for extradition.

We have also been approached by MPs representing all of the parties in the new government in Italy and agreed to pass on to you their representations against his extradition. We hope you will take all these representations seriously and insist that no extradition is considered until the US produces prima facie evidence of the ‘damage’ he is supposed to have done.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Simpson MP

This is in addition to the 245 Members of Parliament from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Nationalist parties who voted symbolically on Wednesday, calling for fair and reciprocal UK-US Extraditon arrangements, and the 216 Opposition and Cross-bench Peers, in the House of Lords, who amended the Police and Justice Bill on Tuesday, during the Committee Stage of the Bill, to do exactly that.
Janis, 14 years ago.

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