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Yes John Reid's hands were obviously tied by our government's masters in the US.
If they say jump! Tony and friends jump to whatever tune is played in order to please their masters.
Mr Bush appears to run our country now, so we shouldn't fool ourselves by thinking we're actually voting for Tony Blair, who appears to do exactly as he's told.

The US government are guilty of having no passwords and no firewalls, ten years after Mathew Bevan was accused of virtually the same crime.
Fortunately Mathew Bevan was tried in his own country, in the UK and was not imprisoned because the US could not provide the evidence.
Now the US don't have to provide Prima Facie evidence; we just hand our citizens over and if the US government says Jump!!!
Tony Blair does just that, because he is desperate to please his masters.

The US are lucky it was Gary who discovered how pathetically poor the internet security is on military machines. They should thank him for the wake up call but as they didn't secure their computer systems ten years after Mathew Bevan was accused of breaching them; they obviouly haven't learned much.

I wonder how the people in the US are going to feel when they find this out?

How many heads of state or heads of military security are going to be prosecuted and sent to Guantanamo for putting their citizens at risk by having no passwords and no firewalls?

There are so many lies told by governments.

Watch the "Loose Change" video (it's on the internet) which Michael Meacher wanted to show in the House Of Commons but was banned from doing so.
It points out that at the time of 9/11, mobile phones absolutely did not work on aeroplanes, as the technology was not yet around for this to happen.
Yet we hear what are supposed to be frantic calls from victims on the aeroplanes, talking to relatives on mobile phones!!!

This was impossible at the time 9/11 happened, as mobile phones would not have worked on the aeroplanes. Only very recent technology has made this possible.

Because they call something a conspiracy theory, doesn't mean it didn't happened.
Putting this label on something is often a way to deflect from people finding out the truth.

Watch "Loose Change" and tell me who should be prosecuted in the US and how come our newsmen and women are not pointing this out but are just going along with the propaganda and why was Michael Meacher refused permission to screen the "Loose Change" video in the House of Commons. (at the last minute)

How many at the top are complicit of hideous actions, either by design or through fear of retribution.

Gary is extremely small fry and did not damage anything; it's just that the US had no back up systems to rely on once they shut their own computer systems down.
Any business has back up systems as a matter of course.

Gary has never spammed people; he made no money; this was a victimless crime and the US government should be very glad that it was Gary who brought it to their attention how bad their "non" security was.

Gary was searching for info on Free energy and he made the mistake of leaving a few political notes behind, such as:
That the US government were guilty of state sponsored terrorism.

Well whether rightly or wrongly, half of the planet believes this and this is why the US want an example made of Gary.
They are hugely embarrassed by their own failings and they want Gary to pay the price for their embarrassement.

Free Gary

Lucille, 14 years ago.

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