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I saw Menzies Campbell on BBC News 24 yesterday and although he spoke out against the unfair extradition act, it was purely on bahalf of the Enron/Nat West 3.

When the presenter Jon Sopel, asked why no fuss was being kicked up about the proposed extradition of (Gary) who was accused of hacking into the Pentagon, Mr Campbell continued to talk about the Enron/Nat West 3.

Jon Sopel again asked Menzies Campbell why no one was making a fuss about the proposed extradition of the alleged computer hacker; Mr Campbell said that the Nat West 3 Bankers had always protested their innocence.

Well Gary has always denied causing any damage and without proof of damage their can be no extradition under the old extradition law.

I've now heard that Tony Blair is trying to arrange for the Enron/ Nat West 3 to be bailed by America and to be allowed to stay in the UK for the next year or two, until their trial in the US comes up.
What is this favouritism of Bankers all about?

I have absolutely no objections to the Enron/Nat West 3 staying in the UK, were the same considerations being given to Gary....In fact I'd welcome it.

It seems as always, there is one rule for the rich and one rule for the less well off and the less privileged.

and poor Babar Ahmad, who unlike the others, has been imprisoned for about two years in the UK whilst awaiting extradition. Why?

MP's, the business community and even Liberty, loudly stands up for only the Enron/Nat West 3 Bankers.

I haven't even heard George Galloway speak up on behalf of Gary, although he did speak up for Babar Ahmad.

Gary's was a victimless crime of cyber trespassing, where no security, no passwords and no firewall existed.
He made no money; he did not harm anyone.
He was searching for information on Free Energy and UFO's and was stupid enough to leave a political comment behind on military computers.
A political comment that half the world already believes, whether or not there is any truth in it and for that people in higher places are determined to make him pay the price.

Gary is facing seventy years in a US prison.
The Enron/Nat West 3 are facing from five years up to twenty five years.
Poor Babar Ahmad has hardly a hope in hell with the anti Muslim feeling that exists in America.
America's legal system now bears little resemblance to the UK's, as demonstrated by the obscene sentences proposed which are way out of proportion to the crimes,
but everyone goes along and pretends the US legal system is akin to ours.

Do we have the death penalty!!!

The judges in the UK are becoming like the three monkeys.
(See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

Even Free speech is becoming a thing of the past.

I hope with all of my heart that all who I have mentioned, will not be extradited to the United States, to face obscene sentences for white collar, non violent crimes.

I hope for Justice and pray that all who are facing extradition for non violent crimes will be tried in their own country, as is their Human Right.

but I forgot; Tony Blair wants to get rid of the Human Rights act, as does the new Conservative leader.

What is happening to our country?

Free Gary

Janis, 14 years ago.

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