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Just to update everyone on the anti fast track extradition protest.

Most of Gary's supporters decided not to attend the march in the end, as at the last minute it was made clear to Gary's supporters by a lady named Melanie Riley, that Gary and his supporters were not welcome on this march as it was for business people only.
For some reason it apparently was felt by Miss Riley that Gary and his many computer/I.T and UFO supporters, might "hi-jack" the protest and discredit the march.

Miss Riley runs a PR firm and represents the Nat West 3 who are facing extradition in July 2006.

It was made clear that this protest was essentially a PR excercise to help to encourage the Law Lords to exclude business men from the one sided extradition laws.

It seems that neither Gary's supporters, (nor Babar Ahmad's supporters) were welcome on this march, despite this being a protest against the one sided extradition treaty which they are all facing.

On being forwarded a copy of Miss Riley's emails, neither myself or our friends joined the march in the end as it was clear that Gary McKinnon's supporters were not welcome.
However Gary did dress in a suit and joined the march in full support of the Enron/Nat West 3.

It seems only 39 businessmen signed the letter that was handed into the Home Office.
However the Enron/Nat West 3 seem fortunate to have Tony Blair on their side, so they should be OK.

Apart from the fact that many of the business men arrived in taxis and limos to join the "protest"
It was apparently more like a walk home from work, rather than a "march" but was described by the Telegraph as dignified.

Had others been allowed to wear T shirts in the stifling heat and been made welcome to attend the protest; I have no doubt that many hundreds of Gary McKinnon's (and Babar Ahmad's supporters) would have been there but this was not wanted.

I wonder if Mr Watkin (The main organiser), who is apparently a .com millionaire and is now chairman of DI oils, forgets where his money came from???

Gary McKinnon was an I.T worker, as are many of his supporters.

Babar Ahmad was an I.T worker.
Is I.T not business?

We hope that Gary McKinnon, David Bermingham/the Nat West 3 and Babar Ahmad, are allowed to be tried in their own country which is a Human Right.
We in the UK should not be treated as second class citizens in the world. We should have the same legal rights as the American's have, to prevent our citizens from being unfairly extradited for crimes which in Gary's case, would most likely carry a community service sentence in the UK.

Lucille, 14 years ago.

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