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Just found this novel campaign on the net, to Free Gary .

Pity they used the very old distorted photo that looks nohing like Gary but great idea nevertheless. Jay

Weekly Round-Up: 30.06.06
The hacker who fell to earth...


Published: Friday 30 June 2006

Imagine the Round-Up's surprise when during a moment of abject boredom this week (or Ukraine v Switzerland, to give it its proper name) some channel hopping on the television uncovered a rather magnificent gem of information right where you would least expect to find it.

The Round-Up didn't even know there was a 'Community Channel' on cable but as the channel hopping flashed onto it the familiar face of a long-haired man singing his heart out on screen stopped the Round-Up in its tracks.

It was one of those 'I know that face' moments which is immediately followed with 'but from where?'.

Fortunately the face in question was pretty distinctive and it wasn't long before the Round-Up placed it... Though the setting was a little unusual. Singing away with a big grin and long, long flowing hair, it was unmistakably Gary McKinnon, the UK man who hacked into NASA's computers, discovered incontrovertible evidence of alien intelligence (but was 'too stoned' to remember what it was, m'Lud) and now faces extradition to the US for his troubles.

In all the coverage of McKinnon's case the Round-Up had never heard any mention of his past as a singer/songwriter and actor, though his part in a dubious low-budget movie, called 'Lunar Girl', from 2001 appears to be his only credit.

(You can check out McKinnon's two songs from the film here, and while downloading files created by a self-confessed hacker may not seem wise, we're pretty sure they're safe.)

The Round-Up will spare the blushes of the team member who said 'Who's that? It's quite good' while we were playing these tracks, though we concede they are admittedly a lot better than we feared they might be – with a slight Bowie factor, dare we say.

A number of the lyrics stood out, not least of all "I stand, lonely and without a place to stay", which the Round-Up has a feeling may be a problem the US government will gladly address with some state-sponsored accommodation in the near future.

Likewise, "You don't know what you're looking for but it ain't here, so say goodbye", from his song 'Only a Fool' might neatly sum up McKinnon's search for ET (though we're willing to admit we're wrong when the invasion fleet arrives).

However, it's not all doom and gloom. McKinnon also sings "I could be the hand that breaks the chains and sets you free..." Which sounds like it could be a useful skill to have under the circumstances.

In fact only one lyric really seemed out of place. "I can be the sunny smile that brightens up your day."

That would be this sunny smile, we presume:

That'll brighten up any day.

However, the Round-Up hatched a plan at this stage which it is surprised McKinnon's defence and growing band of supporters haven't hit upon yet (possibly because this musical string to McKinnon's bow seems to be something of a secret).

Get the songs on iTunes, start a viral marketing campaign on the internet and get Gary McKinnon to number one – a few thousand downloads alone will see him hit the charts.

Why? Well how many celebrities have 'beaten the rap' in the US on the back of having a music or movie career... think about it.

Download Gary's songs here
Jay, 14 years ago.

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