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Our current government are all about passing bills through the back door, smoke screening the real issues with lesser solutions to minor problems. They even use illegal means to push unpopular bills through parliament. Tony Blair is a proven liar and yet we still voted them back. The id card debate has gone on for years and I can't help but feel that our government are once again cashing in on current global fears, real or imagined, propagated in part by our own elected government. Do you remember the *how to survive a terrorist attack* booklet? It smacked of the survive nuclear blast infomercials etc of the 50's. ID cards are yet another nail in the coffin of personal freedoms and civil liberties. There are already government bodies collecting personal data on all of us. The data protection act is a mine-field and constantly changing, becoming more and more liberal and not in our best interests. How long will we allow this draining of our private lives go on?
Mandy, 15 years ago.

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