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The abuse of power and process in 21st century Britain is a disgrace to history and an appalling harbinger of the future.
Whatever the Governmment may say is the purpose of ID cards, and however noble and benign their avowed motives, the truth will be darker than we can currently imagine. It's all about social control.
Look at the way that the USA is abusing "reciprocal" extradition law [drafted for suspected terrorists] to attempt the extradition of UK businessmen on technical offences. Two examples are the ex-MD of Morgan Crucible on price-fixing charges and the 2 NatWest bankers who were peripherally caught up in the Enron débacle. Terrorism law is being used to try to get them sent over to the US. The US has even denounced the Morgan Crucible man to Interpol as a 'fugitive from justice', simply because he did not fly there voluntarily to submit himself to their partial and slapdash view of justice.
I say "reciprocal" in inverted commas because - guess what - the USA still hasn't ratified the law, so the extradition trade is all one way. Now, bless my old boots, why am I not the least bit surprised?
Look also at the recent threat by a senior police officer to arrest peaceful petrol-price protesters under terrorism legislation if they did not disperse immediately.
It's social control. This illiberal and loathsome government - and the Conservative opposition which opposeth not - must must must be stopped. Each successive Home Secretary makes his predecessor seem like a flabby liberal in retrospect. David Blunkett made even Jack 'the Childcatcher' Straw look reasonable. Charles Clarke has, astoundingly, done the same for Blunkett. With every passing day, countries far, far away seem increasingly attractive as places to live with some semblance of residual confidence and dignity. Damn the whole priggish, grasping, self-righteous, self-indulgent, hypocritical bunch of the bloody, bloody rascals.
E. Norfolk-Ingway, 15 years ago.

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