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I will refuse to get one as well. In fact, I consider it a grave invasion of my civil liberties to be forced to have one and whether or not I trust the Government that brings it in, which is highly debatable, nobody can be sure there won't be developments down the years that suddenly bring something even more unsavoury into power. Then there's the thorny problem of function creep - the uses of ID cards will widen over the years, you can put money on it.
Consider also the fact that no major govt IT project has ever come in on budget, on time and working properly.
Finally, it starts from the presumption that everyone has to be watched in some way. I don't like the fact that it is so transparently a bad idea for all of these reasons and yet it still rolls on. I wonder what outputs the Government actually want from of all this.
Ian Vince, 15 years ago.

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