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I notice that Edmund (Kamil) is very active here at Pledgebank and very much in favour of continuing atrocities against Iraq in the belief that we will solve their problems and bring democracy. I can only assume that with the amount of access to computers he has, that he is not a 'typical' Iraqi living in a war zone with little electricity? Personally, I am of the opinion that as there are no WMD's in Iraq (our reason for being there) then we should leave now and save lives. Iraq's people will find there own form of government (as is their right) without us there enforcing our form of government on them. Life under Saddam was hell, life under US/UK occupation is hell - surely there is only one way to solve this and that is to stop invading and trashing the place and let the Iraqi's have their freedom of choice back.

I will be protesting first at the Women For Peace gathering in London on March 8th and then again on March 18th (but not sure where - can't really nip to London again). I wish you every success with this petition, protest and act. Namaste Tina Louise (
Tina Louise, 14 years ago.

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