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Kamil, once again thank you for your comments.

We did not bomb your country for your freedom or because we cared about your genocide. We did, after all, back Saddam Hussein for decades - and in particular our country was right behind him in the conflict with Iran.

We bombed your country primarily for your oil, for control of your resources, and because it makes certain men feel like they are Great Statesmen.

The best thing a British Prime Minister could do for the people of Iraq right now is concentrate on the UK. There is plenty for our politicians to do here without solving every problem for the rest of the world. We have a massive democratic deficit here. There are millions of people whose needs, hopes and dreams are not represented in our system.

Massive reform is required if we are to be a genuine democracy. Without it, how can we possibly tell anyone else in the world how to conduct their affairs?
James BWIP, 14 years ago.

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