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1 MILLION IRAQIS WILL sign your petition if we know you could have..1 stopped the genoside any other way
2.prove tony blair made finansial gains from our sufferings.
3.prove that you are not using iraq as your stick to beet your very sucessful
prime minister.
4.genuenly love and care about the iraqi peopel and our future.
5.garranteed our democraty within 3 years from the start of the war of liberation
6.enjoy our freedom to walk our land
free peopel without torture or death around each corner.
JAMES you are a man of rich caracter.
The world has very few strong minded peopel who can make a change for the benefit of there fellow man.many peopel are waiting for leaders who they can trust.please chanel your leadership to help peopel in the right cause . IRAQS PROBLEMS ARE NERELY OVER...KAMIL...
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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