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What you can do next? You can invite as little as 5 more friends of yours to sign it. But the most important part is to send an email request asking the blog services to add 'Palestine' to their country list: Support: Support: Support:
Yahoo 360 Feedback: Form:

Here is a copy of my email to them (feel free to use):

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've noticed that your services does not list 'Palestine' in the country list, where the blogger can select his country.
Imagine you are a Palestinian blogger, and you have no choice to identify where you exist and live, because the blog engine that you are using does not identify Palestine in their country list. Is that a denial of existence? Ignorance? Intentional or unintentional bias? We hope note. But then, should 'Palestine' be added? Yes, very much!

Therefore, I urge your respected service to list Palestine in the country list ASAP!

Thanks for your understanding and quick action.
Haitham Sabbah, 15 years ago.

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