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An FSP member and First 1000 Pledger, we made our move over May and June of 2006. This excerpt from another letter is probably the most informative of our happiness at making 'the move'.

As I walked my 6 year old son down our dirt road to the bus stop, he talked about the beauty of the woods, kicking the leaves and picking up a stick to be his toy sword on the walk. This is his first New Hampshire Autumn, and I was reminded, through his eyes, of the beauty of the State we now call home.

His mother and I grew up in New England. Career and commerce brought us to Ohio 6 weeks after our youngest son's birth. As I started my own company in 2005, gaining the geographic freedom that brought, we decided to relocate to New Hampshire. Family, friends, and 'live free or die' contributed to the choice. With some hesitation, I signed the Free State Project and First 1000 Pledge. I have never been much of a joiner.

Residents of the state since May of 2006, we love our land, our schools and the interest our neighbors take in maintaining liberty. I hope many other independent and freedom-minded people will join us as citizens.
Robert Dutile, 15 years ago.

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