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After paying close attention to our political system and our government for about the last 20 years (and I am still pretty young) and having lived out of the United States just to see what it is like under other Western European socialist countries (for example, just check out the website for the Prime Minister of England and his initiative on 'respect'), I only wondered where the heck we freedom loving Americans could go to get away--and far away--from all these socialists. Anybody read Ayn Rand?! Who is John Galt? I actually thought that there would be many Americans ready to leave the country and give up the fight. What would the federal government do if you actually had some intestinal fortitude and told Washington that no more federal taxes are going to be sent for this socialist structure perectages like those in the Communist Manifesto? Do Americans living there really have to resolve to LIVE FREE OR DIE? I Do. Give me liberty or give me death? What happened to that? Just one man's opinion over 200 years ago? Can I be safe there without worry of the Mexican invaders? (Not that I don't like Mexican's, they are very nice people--just no idea of what liberty is). Or do I pull myself out of this society (The USA) for another country that is growing and be a beneficial citizen for that country? Someone help me and please give me a real reason to stay in the United States? I just feel your efforts for living freely will eventually be squashed by the die hard's in the federal government. Tell me where I am wrong and why it is not worth giving up the fight.

Best regards,

Doug McFarland
Doug McFarland, 15 years ago.

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