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Even more than the corruption, power-lust, and greed of politicians, I blame the people of the United States for the degradation of our freedoms and for the utter disregard paid to our glorious Constitution and Bill of Rights. Politicians are inherently untrustworthy, and turning our backs on them is abdicating both our right and our responsibility to govern ourselves. You wouldn't ask a venemous snake to watch the baby while you go out for the evening, would you?

This movement is exactly what we need, and I for one am thrilled. Americans who actually care about the freedoms vouchsafed to us by the Founding Fathers and who are not willing to let a pit full of vipers watch the baby need very much to band together, stand up, and be heard in a mighty collective voice. I'll be there... will you?
M Otis Beard, 15 years ago.

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