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It's a shame that Simon feels that commercial offsetting organisations are 'dodgy and dubious' while charities are good. This is much too simplistic. There are plenty of high salaries and overheads found in charities and there are some well-run, low overhead offset companies. One model is not intrinsically better than the other - it depends on the organisation. The key is to ask the right questions of any offset organisation, i.e. what percentage of turnover is spent directly on projects, how is additionality achieved, what accreditation do they have, is tree planting of a type appropriate to the location, is it carried out on land in the ownership of the offset organisation? etc, etc. We had hoped that the proposed government standard would help with this but it doesn't. It appears to be designed exclusively to help prop up the compliance market by pushing voluntary offsetters into buying such offsets.


Mike Rigby
Mike Rigby, 14 years ago.

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