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I think tree planting in the UK is a great idea - more habitat for example -and I think urban areas and streets should have loads more trees. At the very least on a hot day (and there will be more of them as climate change kicks in) we might all be grateful for some shade. But where I think the carbon numbers are important is if people think they are solving the problem by planting a tree and so can carry on "as usual". If I take a flight and emit 1 tonne, how many years would it take one tree to absorb that one tonne? Presumably much more than one year and in the meantime most of my tonne of carbon emitted is still in the air and contributing to the problem. I suppose I could plant many more trees in a year, but space would become problematic. We need some pretty drastic action in other areas (the way we generate electricity being just one example) to tackle climate change - and it's getting very urgent.
maryet, 14 years ago.

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