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Sorry, but the point about 'delaying' emission seems pretty useless to me. There is only so much Carbon and Oxygen on this planet, so the overall goal cannot be to 'reduce' Carbon, since you are not 'producing' it anyway. What you do when you consume fossile fuels is precisely to release the carbon that has been stored in oil etc into the atmosphere, now in the form of CO2. If you plant a sufficient number of trees, this process gets reversed, since trees capture CO2. If you plant a tree, let it grow and burn the wood afterwards, your total CO2 emission will be close to zero.

Carbon dioxide is not toxic, the negative effect is purely due to too much of it being in our atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect and ultimately global warming. The problem is that, in the past centuries, we are burning more than what gets captured from the atmosphere. Plant more trees, and you will help to reverse this trend, though I agree, you can be more efficient by reducing the amount that's released.

When calculating your total CO2 emission, don't forget that only a fraction is what you burn directly in the form of fuel, a lot will come from consumables etc.
Till, 15 years ago.

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