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Joseph, its good to hear some really positive comment about offset treeplanting. It has been coming in for a lot of negative copy in the media of late.
One of the main criticisms of planting trees to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere is the 'temporary' nature of the store. At we have tried to address this in our long term management plan for the forest we plant. We've come up with the following:
Grow trees to maturity, process the timber into large rectilinear blocks, preserve and then bury in the sea or in the peat bog on which they are growing. Under these anaerobic conditions the decomposition of the wood and the resulting flowback of CO2 to the atmosphere will be very much reduced. Think of how well preserved the timbers of those viking long boats are. Then we plan to start the whole process over again. Grow another forest on the same site....etc, etc. We call this a "Sequestration Farm".
Keep planting.
Ru hartwell, 14 years ago.

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