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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Well done Simon and everyone. This is a great pledge and we want to encourage a lot more like it.

We are also compiling a large amount of information, data and code which we will distribute for free to anyone who wants it for non-commercial use. The first tentative steps towards this are here

If you want to make a similar pledge, please consider using the version of Pledgebank we have up there as it's all focussed on this kind of issue (and all built by the same great team at Pledgebank)!

Please also check out the EROs section as being more efficient needs to be your first step and offsetting should only used for your unavoidable emissions.

If you are looking for information and/or want to help or have ideas of other initiatives, please do let me know using the email address on that site.

Warm regards, Gavin
gavin, 14 years ago.

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