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When the time comes to fulfil this pledge, I will be recommending 'Trees for Life', an independent charity in Scotland associated with the Findhorn Association (formerly the Findhorn Foundation).

For GBP 5 per tree, Trees for Life will arrange for volunteers to plant seedlings, aged between one to two years, of Scots pine, silver birch, downy birch, aspen, alder, willow, holly, juniper, rowan and oak in Glen Moriston and Glen Affric as part of a project to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest and its wildlife, on the west side of Loch Ness. All the seedlings will be of indigenous trees propagated from cones, seeds or berries collected locally, and grown by either Trees for Life or the Forestry Commission.

The trees will be planted on land owned by the Forestry Commission Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland, the RSPB and private landowners on the basis of long-term agreements to maintain and manage the forest, in some cases under joint responsibility.

As before, the conversion factor used will be one tree to offset 0.65 tonnes of CO2.

The Trees for Life website is at:

They have undertaken to put up a special payments page for this pledge campaign. I will publish the address for this when it is available.

N. B. As indicated in 'More details' under the pledge, I originally intended to recommend the Woodland Trust, however I now understand that they only arrange carbon offset for companies not individuals. (In any case, my attempts to discuss the pledge directly with them have so far been unsuccessful.)
Simon Holledge (Pledge Creator), 16 years ago.

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