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Elanor: Well said.

On cards:
I applied for my license to ride my motorcycle. I paid. I passed my test. I am legally allowed on the road. This is a form of control I welcome. It does not work fully, but it helps us keep safer.

I will not apply for a license to live. I will not pay. It is a form of control I do not welcome. It will not help keep us safer. If I want people to know where I have been and what I have been doing, I will blog it.

My grandparents fought for freedom. I always thanked them for that. I, like they, will stand up for my rights.

"When they (the government) start to dictate to us - they no longer represent us." Bravo. Nic you have my full support in this campaign.

What have I got to hide?

What have we got to protect?
MadTPot, 14 years ago.

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