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OK, Mr 'Chuck Norris'. To address some of your points.

"if your not expecting to commit a crime then why should you worry [about an ID card". Why you should worry is whether the government is planning to commit a crime against you. An national id register of the kind proposed means investing a lot of trust in the government in whose stewardship it resides. This government is not worthy of that trust.

"Unless you like illegal immigrants sponging off of your tax money, thieves, murderers and rapists wondering the streets and generally nasty crimes going unsolved then oppose the national ID card" ID cards can solve none of these things. If the cards were used to monitor every commercial and social interaction that we make during the day the they might make a difference, but at a price to one's privacy and convenience that most people would find unacceptable. After all we could eliminate nearly all road accidents by requiring that cars went no more than 5 mph with a man in front waving a red flag. But no one would seriously suggest that we should.
Stephen Thomas, 15 years ago.

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