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Gentlemen we have a decision to make with reference to our European head office location.We intend supplying the whole of Europe with our products from one central location.With an annual turnover of 900 million dollars.Paris,Milan,Madrid and London are all shortlisted.
My recommendation is London on grounds of security.Britain now has security cards for their visitors as well as their nationals.All staff have to give details to the British consulate one week in advance for their card.
The company will pay the $50 charge as it is a small price to pay for security.Keep the card on you at all time for if you go into a shopping complex without it the barrier will not let you in.This is to keep convicted muggers and shoplifters out.
shoplifters have banning orders on their cards and the shops have given us all 3% discount they previously loaded on goods,to cover the cost of pilfering.The same applies to underground stations.Convicted muggers are not allowed in the tube network and anyone wanted by the police will set an alarm off when entering.This is all controlled by satellite coverage.When they introduced I.D. cards to Internet cafes very few secret messages were sent.what about those social security scams,one person claiming five payments,they have all stopped,saving us millions.
The best of all is the total clampdown.This is when the security services suspect an attack.They have files on all suspects and if a button is pushed tube stations,buses,shopping malls and all high security buildings will pick up codedI.D.numbers if they are within the detector range.If they did not have their card on them they could not get access in the first place.
Now the Brits have expelled over 1 million illegals ,they never knew they had,unemployment is very low.The tax revenue has increased and the taxes have been reduced.SMART BRITS.. SAFER BRITS...
Last word... Dad can you give me £50 to go out tonight.I will catch a cab and I PROMISE TO TEXT HIS I.D.NUMBER TO YOU.....
2013 ..Daddy could you see the sun until a few years ago?.What was it like?WHY DID YOU NOT CONTROL THE CO2
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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