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STOP.STOP. STOP.Going on about TONY BLAIR all the time .Are you going to impeach the M.P.s (that you elected)who voted for this bill? Do we not think the security services know a little more than the average citizen about the importance of knowing who the good guys are in this wide open country of ours.No I did not vote Labour,but I may just do that next time instead of this candle in the wind we have now, who cannot seem to understand the importance of knowing who is in our country.My teenage children all think it is a great idea ,most of their friends agree.What have you got to hide anyway,the credit people know everything about us,they even give us points for everyone else to look at...I think thats more important to contest,I did not agree to that,maybe thats what you should be protesting about.The world is changing,as my children always remind me ,I want maximum protection for my family.Lets get the 1 million who should not be here out now...
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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