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I am against ID cards but only on civil liberty principles, mainly due to the idea of them having biometric data. Without it though the cards could be easily forged and wouldn't really be worth it. The card should definitely be free though. They can't expect to introduce something like this and get us to pay, unless a referendum is held and we vote yes to ID cards. And they know most people will vote no.

Your movements can already be quite easily tracked using our mobile phones, credit card payments, car reg readers, e-mails and anything else you have registered your details too. They can even use your mobile to bug conversations, even if you phone is switched off! The reality is that in this day and age the only way authorities can effectively combat most criminal acts, terrorism, illegal immigration, etc is to have everybody’s details in one place linked to fingerprints and DNA.

There’s already a national database with the details, fingerprints and DNA of convicted criminals. You get convicted of something and your ass is there’s so to speak. Do something else naughty and leave prints or DNA, you screwed.

I can understand why people are against a national database but if your not expecting to commit a crime then why should you worry. A national ID card database would help prevent and combat crime.

Unless you like illegal immigrants sponging off of your tax money, thieves, murderers and rapists wondering the streets and generally nasty crimes going unsolved then oppose the national ID card.

But, after all that I still oppose the idea of a national id database for one reason. The details that would be held on that database can never be 100% secure from misuse. In an article Tony Benn summed it up quite well when he wrote, 'the danger lies in the accumulation, storage and use that may be made of this information'.

He also wrote, 'under the arrangements that Britain has with the US that allow us access to their nuclear technology in the Trident programme, America has long insisted that it should have access to all our intelligence material. That means the ID database will be automatically available to it.' A scary thought and something that should never happen!

I leave you with my closing statement:

If you give them an inch, they WILL take a mile, sooner or later.
Chuck Norris, 15 years ago.

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