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Leanne, Ian and everybody else who is livid today, take heart. Did you see Tony Bliar's face in the paper today, did you see the comfort of the 170,000 pounds plane that transported him from London to lovely South Africa, a master bedroom, a dining room for kings and queens, the luxury that he enjoys at our expense? Do you think he will just give it up? My experience is that once a vampire tastes blood, you can not stop it, for like a vampire, Bliar does not care that the 170,000 pounds he spent just travelling to the poorest and yet richest country could have saved thousands of South African children dying from hunger, AIDS and poverty related diseases. Once a person gets to that form of greed, there is no compassion in him. Hence, he will do anything to maintain that level of his individual comfort.

It is not therefore just not replacing Tony Blair with Blair Tony, it is about getting rid of such kind of totalitarian and oppressive governing of a people who meant well when they voted Tony Blair in Parliament to represent us, not to steal from us using duress as in ID cards. Just look around and listen. Personally, I hear the wind of hope, because those like Tony Blair are now unable to hide behind any vail. They mean to destroy us by putting lesgislation after legislation that prevents us leading normal free lives. The ball is in our court now. We cannot afford to be like sheep to slaughter by having ID cards because Tony Blair says so, but we can as intelligent, hard working, good citizens take a step back and say 'Like those gone before us, we will fight until victory becomes ours.'

It is certainly what I intend to do. It is not about me telling you who to vote for or who not to vote for. It is about individuals in our millions knowing and understanding how historical our forefathers fought and won their freedom against the likes of Blair.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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