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I'm interested in the notion that by voting Tory, one might avoid ID cards and the NIR. I recall fighting the 1994/5 Criminal Justice Bill/Act, a fine piece of Tory legislation outlawing protest, parties, introducing prison ships, undermining citizen rights via changes to the arrest proceedures... Michael Howard.

This short memory and competitive voting system is what the state as a faceless machine relies upon to gain increased power over its citizens whilst propagating the illusion that we have choice through exercising our democratic right to vote. If you feel forced to vote to make a protest, vote Green or some genuinely Socialist party or start a party of your own.

However,'Whoever you vote for, government wins.' Currently this is a government voted in to escape Tory abuses and is pretty much assured, now, of getting its policy on ID and NIR through. What was the vote? 310 to 290, or there abouts? Now there's balance and liberal democracy delivering rights and freedoms to its people.
Ian, 14 years ago.

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