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This government claims that ID cards are necessary in the fight against terroism, credit card fraud, drug snuggling, acne, piles and every other ailment known to mankind. As the arguments against ID cards mount the governments claims in favour become ever more desperate. Accepting that the arguments in favour of ID cards are rubbish, Tony Blair now claims they must followed though because it was in the election manifesto. Really! in 1997 a pledge to introduce a crime of corporate responsibility for negligence was also in Tony Blairs election manifesto. Was it followed through, no, and why? Because a crime of corporate responsibilty would not suit Tony's friends in big business - they might find themselves in prison next time they kill us - but an ID card scheme will pour millions of taxpayers pounds into their pockets. Therefore, we are expected to pay vast sums of money for something we don't want to keep Blairs friends happy.
Robert Whippe, 14 years ago.

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