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From the latest 'Private Eye':

The London School of Economics report on the cost of identity cards provoked home secretary Charles Clarke to denounce the idea that ID cards could cost £300 each as "simply mad."

If so, there must be a rash of insanity among galley slaves at the UK passport agency: word from inside the agency is that their own projections show the cost of ID cards to be, er, £300 per card.

Apparently no one has seen fit to tell ministers that the £300 figure has long been the basis of the agency's calculations. The high cost of the card seems entirely probable given the government's atrocious record on IT procurement. The government itself concedes that the current suggested price of £93 is only indicative and is, of course, the culmination of an awful lot of projected price rises since a £35 price tag was first mooted.
Oliver Coombes, 15 years ago.

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